Gotham Bus Domain Registrations

Gotham Bus provides domain registration services two ways:


1. We are an Enom partner and offer domain registrations, transfers and renewals on many popular top level domains (i.e. .com, .net, .org) for periods up to 10 years in duration.  You may order domain names directly through our billing and account management system by starting here:

Registering your domains this way allows you to manage your DNS servers, renew domains, transfer domains and otherwise manage your names from within our billing and account management system.  This is the preferred way for our customers to handle new registrations and transfers.


2. We have a longstanding partnership with Dotster, another major domain name registrar.  You may register domains through our Dotster portal or manage domains that have been registered through the Doster portal here:

Please note that Dotster domains are not accessible for management in our billing and account management system.  You must log in to the Dotster portal to manage domains registered there.

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